Art Works by Max Taylor: OPENING 10/9/21

Thirty Six will be showing the work of Max Taylor, a painter and photographer living in Williamsburg, Brooklyn. His website is

7pm at 36 N. Cedar St., Beacon, NY

About the Artist

Max is an award-winning photographer, author and visual artist based in Brooklyn. His blood type is O negative, but he tries to be a positive person. Max likes motorcycles and scuba diving. He has mixed feelings about 3rd person narratives. Max is self taught in all artistic regards. He has no idea what he is doing and he loves it. Max used to be an investment banker and an unhappy person. Now he likes fingerpainting.  

Artist Statement

My work is First Contact.

New mediums, new techniques, new styles. Always.

I am self taught through constant experimentation.

I am a writer and a poet, and I make visual art.

I write dark comedy as essays.

My poetry is more fun than secrets.

My Art is surrealist in drawing, painting, and printmaking.

I used to work in corporate finance.

But a whale shark changed my life.

Now I explore, in body and mind.

Across mediums and ideas.